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Industrial accidents / Construction accidents

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Dallas Occupational Injuries
(Industrial Accidents, Construction Accidents)
This information is not intended as legal or medical aid, if you have suffered an injury, please get medical attention and consult an attorney.

According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), Acute trauma at work remains a leading cause of death and disability among U.S. workers. Furthermore, a review of Texas death certificates for 1982 identified 710 deaths associated with occupational injuries.

During the period from 1980 through 1995, at least 93,338 workers in the U.S. died as a result of trauma suffered on the job, for an average of about 16 deaths per day (NIOSH). The Bureau of Labor Statistics (Department of Labor) Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries (CFOI) has identified 5,915 workplace deaths from acute traumatic injury in 2000. BLS also estimates that 5.7 million injuries to workers occurred in 1997 alone; while NIOSH estimates that about 3.6 million occupational injuries were serious enough to be treated in hospital emergency rooms in 1998.

Occupational Injury Information

Texas Workforce Commission

Texas Workers' Compensation Commission

Injured Worker Rights & Responsibilities

Minimum/Maximum Weekly Benefits

Occupational Injury & Illness Information

Workers' Compensation Legislation Enacted

Safety Violation Hotline

NIOSH - The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health Web site
NIOSH 800-Number (1-800-356-4674)
The NIOSH 800-number provides workers, employers, university researchers, labor organizations, industrial organizations, and government agencies with information specific to their occupational health and safety problems.

National Center for Injury Prevention and Control (CDC)

Occupational Safety & Health Administration
U.S. Department of Labor
Occupational Safety & Health Administration
200 Constitution Avenue
Washington, D.C. 20210
Toll free number: 1-800-321-OSHA (6742)... TTY 1-877-889-5627.

OSHA Texas Area Offices

The United States Department of Labor

Mine Safety & Health Administration (MSHA) Home Page

Office of Workers' Compensation Programs (OWCP)

Coal Mine Workers' Compensation

Federal Employee Safety and Injury Initiative

State Workers' Compensation Laws

Employment Law Guide: Whistleblower Protection

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health Direct Links

Construction Safety and Health

Chemical Safety

Traumatic Occupational Injuries

Musculoskeletal Disorders

Health Care Workers


Mining Safety and Health Research

NIOSH: Texas Profile
NIOSH/State Profile '98/Texas
Summary: The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) is the only Federal agency that conducts research, trains professionals, and develops innovative solutions to occupational safety and health problems.

NIOSH Health Hazard Evaluations

NIOSH Reports

Asphalt Fumes Topic page

Preventing Carbon Monoxide Poisoning from Small Gasoline-Powered Engines and Tools: NIOSH CDPHE CPSC OSHA EPA Alert

Preventing Occupational Fatalities in Confined Spaces: NIOSH Alert

Control of Drywall Sanding Dust Exposures

Electrical Safety Topic page (Traumatic Injury)

Preventing Electrocutions of Crane Operators and Crew Members Working Near Overhead Power Lines: NIOSH Alert

Preventing Deaths and Injuries From Excavation Cave-Ins: NIOSH Alert

Identifying High-Risk Small Business Industries: The Basis for Preventing Occupational Injury, Illness, and Fatality: NIOSH Special Hazard Review(DHHS (NIOSH) Pub. No. 99-107) May 1999.

Preventing Injuries and Deaths from Falls During Construction and Maintenance of Telecommunication Towers: NIOSH Alert

Worker Deaths by Falls: A Summary of Surveillance Findings and Investigative Case Reports

Children of Construction Workers at Increased Risk for Lead Poisoning: NIOSH Update

Preventing Lead Poisoning in Construction Workers: NIOSH Alert

Reducing Injury Risk From Jolting and Jarring on Mobile Equipment

Construction Workers: It's Not Just Dust! ...Prevent Silicosis

Preventing Silicosis

Preventing Silicosis and Deaths in Construction Workers: NIOSH Alert

NIOSH Issues Nationwide Alert on Silicosis

Preventing Silicosis and Deaths in Rock Drillers: NIOSH Alert

NIOSH Report Highlights Motor Vehicle Crash Risk for Workers, Recommends Practical Protective Measures: NIOSH Update

Providing Safety and Health Protection for a Diverse Construction Workforce: Issues and Ideas

Ergonomics and Musculoskeletal Disorders

Falls from Elevations (Traumatic Injury)

Update: NIOSH Issues Nationwide Alert on Dangers of Working from Scaffolds (DHHS (NIOSH) Pub. No. 93-120) January 4, 1993.

Highway Work Zones (Traumatic Injury)

Noise and Hearing Loss Prevention

National Occupational Research Agenda (NORA), Priority Research Areas Disease and Injury

Work-Related Lung Disease Surveillance Report 1996: Selected Data Highlights

Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) Direct Links

Compliance Information

Construction Topics


OSHA : The Asbestos Advisor 2.0

Asphalt Fumes

Concrete and Masonry

Confined Spaces

Crane, Derrick, and Hoist Safety




Fall Protection

Fire Safety

Hand and Power Tools

Hazardous & Toxic Substances

Heat Stress

Highway Work Zones

Laser Hazards


Lead in Construction Advisor 1.0

Motor Vehicle Safety

Noise & Hearing Conservation

Personal Protective Equipment

Power Transmission & Distribution in Construction

Residential Construction


Silica, Crystalline

Steel Erection

Trenching & Excavation

Walking/Working Surfaces

Welding, Cutting, & Brazing

Construction eTools


OSHA Regulations (Standards - 29 CFR)

Compliance Directives

Compliance Guides

Field Inspection Reference Manual


Recent Cases Reported by OSHA

Worker's Death at Houston, Texas worksite brings penalties of $175,000

Lack of Safety Plans at East Poi...

Failure to Abate Safety Hazards ...

Lack of Worker Protection at Fai...

OSHA Fines Birmingham Company $8...

Atlanta Company Cited Again for ...

OSHA Cites Red Bud, Ill., Firm F...


Litany of Hazards Results in OSH...

Duluth, Ga., Company Cited for E...

Conveyor Hazards at Worcester, M...

eLCOSH - The Electronic Library of Construction Occupational Safety and Health

Home Page

Worker's Comp in Texas

Hazard Alert : Biological Hazards in Sewage and Wastewater Treatment Plants

Hazard Alert : Lyme Disease in Construction

Encyclopaedia of Occupational Safety & Health : Chapter 93 - Construction


Abnormalities Consistent with Asbestos-Related Disease Among Long-term Demolition Workers

Asbestos Checklist

Asbestos Containing Materials

Bitter Pill for Workers when Legal Stakes are High

Hazard Alert: Asbestos in Construction

Lung Cancer and Mesothelioma

Medical Examination for Asbestos-Related Disease

What They Knew, When They Knew it

Worksafe Asbestos Checklist

Carbon Monoxide


Cement & Concrete Checklist

Control of Drywall Sanding Dust Exposure

Dusts From Drywall Joint-Compound Mud May Be A Serious lung Hazard, NIOSH Finds

Final Report: An Investigation of Health Hazards on a New Construction Project

Important Information for Workers Exposed to Cadmium: Your Cadmium Level

The Scourge of Silicosis - Deadly Dust Can Leave You Gasping at the Consequences


Deadly Trades

Hazard Alert: Lead in Construction

Lead Content Known Checklist

Preventing Lead Poisoning in Construction Workers

What Physicians Need to Know About Occupational Lead Exposure


Control of Drywall Sanding Dust Exposure

Do I Need a Respirator?

Dusts From Drywall Joint-Compound Mud May Be A Serious lung Hazard, NIOSH Finds

Hazard Alert : Silica in Sandblasting and Rock Drilling

Preventing Silicosis

The Scourge of Silicosis - Deadly Dust Can Leave You Gasping at the Consequences

Silica Alert

Silicosis Alert

Traumatic Injury and Occupational Injury Links

Texas State Injury Profile
(large pdf file - right click, choose "save as")

South Texas Injury Prevention and Research Center

Texas Department of Health, Injury Prevention and Control Program

University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio's Trauma Home Page

Fatal Occupational Injuries

Injury, Illness, and Fatality Statistics

Research on Injuries in the Construction Industry

NASD: Fatal Occupational Injuries

Disability Outcomes and Prevention - NCIPC
Summary: Traffic crashes, violence, and falls are the leading causes of traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries, which are two of the most severe disabling injury conditions. How many people sustain traumatic brain injury each year?

Perspectives in Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Fatal Occupational Injuries -- Texas, 1982

CDC Injury Research Agenda - Acute Care, Disability, and Rehabilitation

Publications and Resources - Spine/Spinal Cord Injuries

NASD: Farm and Ranch Injuries in West Texas

FACE program - State of Texas
The FACE program concentrates on investigations of fatal occupational injuries. Reports of fatal occupational injuries in Texas.

Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries (CFOI)

National Resource Center for OSHA Training

Building and Construction Trades Department

Internet Injury Prevention Resources

Injury Control Resource Information Network

American Burn Association

American Paralysis Association

American Public Health Association Injury Control and Emergency Services (APHA ICEHS)

Burn and Shock Trauma Institute - Injury Prevention

Consumer Product Safety Commission

Fact Sheets on Trauma and Burn Injury Statistics

Foundation for Spinal Cord Injury Prevention, Care & Cure

Injury Prevention

National Center on Physical Activity and Disability

National Clearinghouse of Rehabilitation Training Materials

National Institute on Disability & Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR)

The Science and Practice of Injury Control

Traumatic Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Projects

Occupational Exposure to Hazardous Chemicals & Occupational Disease


Lead, subacute toxic effect

Neuropathy, toxic

Hemolytic anemia, acute


Contact dermatitis, allergic

Mercury, elemental, chronic toxic effect

Neuropathy, toxic

Pneumonitis, acute

Selenium and compounds

Pneumonitis, acute



Esophagus cancer

Laryngeal cancer

Lung cancer

Mesothelioma, peritoneal

Mesothelioma, pleural

Stomach cancer

Silica, crystalline

Bronchitis, chronic

Silicosis, acute

Silicosis, complicated

Silicosis, simple

International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers

Health & Safety News & Tips

BAC Raises Awareness of Silica

Musculoskeletal Injuries Rise in Construction

BAC Responds to Thallium Exposure Risk

Physician's Silicosis Alert Bulletin

Silica Dust: The Fight is On

Protection from Electrocution

Preventing Falls

Occupational Health & Safety Magazine

Occupational Hazards

Workers' Compensation Resources

Building and Construction Trades Department Department of the AFL-CIO

(Workers' compensation) Sections on (U.S.) death and disability benefits, by state.; links to state and other organization sites providing workers' compensation/information for injured workers.

Labor-management organization provides listing of bilingual trainers (English, Spanish, and/or Portuguese), hazard alert bulletins, and a focus on power line hazards and airport construction safety.

Department of Energy
Includes Federal Employee Occupational Safety and Health Handbook, DOE Hoisting and Rigging standard and handbooks on Electrical Safety and Process Safety Management for Highly Hazardous Chemicals.

Information on post-1989 surveillance of emergency-room visits and back issues of newsletter, On the Job, with issues (in English and Spanish) focusing on carbon monoxide, silica, and eye, back, and foot injuries

Associated Builders and Contractors

Associated General Contractors of America (AGC)

CIB (International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction)

Construction Occupational Health Project (COHP) (University of Mass)

National Electrical Contractors Association ( NECA )

National Work Zone Safety Information Clearinghouse

OSHA Assistance for the Construction Industry

Division of Occupational Medicine and Toxicology

On the Job "The Facts About Carbon Monoxide"

The Scoop on Back Belts

Local Injuries in the Trades

On the Job "Back Injuries"

On the Job "Working with silica dust...silicosis"

The Center to Protect Workers' Rights

Hazard Alerts

Aerial Lift Safety (pdf)

Asbestos (pdf)

Back Injuries (pdf)

Electric Safety in Construction for Non-Electricians (pdf)

Eye Injuries in Construction (pdf)

Hand Tools (pdf)

Heat Stress (pdf)

Ladder Safety (pdf)

Lead (pdf)

Noise in Construction (pdf)

Scaffold Safety (pdf)

Silica in Abrasive Blasting and Rock Drilling (pdf)

Skin Problems in Construction (pdf)

Solvents (pdf)

Trench Safety (pdf)

Welding Fumes and Gases (pdf)

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